White jeans can be a super-cute, but for many women the fear of getting them dirty is enough reason to skip out on this fashion trend. However, a breakthrough in fashion technology might help calm those fears!

One company, Joe’s Jeans, has made the once impractical pants more plausible for everyday wear. How, you ask? Simple- the jeans are dipped in a stain-resistant coating designed to repel liquids! No longer will you fear spilling coffee in your lap on the way to work, or dribbling wine during dinner.

The white jeans, part of Joe’s Jeans “Spotless Collection,” are constructed with a special material called “ProModal,” a fabric that combines moisture-absorbing Tencel and soft-to-the-touch Lenzing Modal.

This liquid-resistant jean material is available in a variety of styles and sizes, including skinny jeans, shorts and pencil skirts. But one should be cautioned that after about 20 washes and trips through the dryer, the jeans have been known to lose their coating and become more susceptible to spills and permanent stains. It should also be mentioned that residue from pigment-based products like makeup and nail polish, will not be repelled.

All in all, any type of stain protection is better than nothing when it comes to wearing white! Will you give white jeans a try this spring?