Ever since Kate Middleton and Michelle Obama got bangs, Hollywood celebrities have been jumping on the bangs bandwagon.

From blunt-cut bangs to graduated bangs, celebrities are eager to become a part of the latest hair trend. And while some look stunning with their new fringe, others looked, well, awful.

Let’s start with blunt-cut bangs. Blunt-cut bangs are those that go straight across the forehead, gently skimming the eyebrows. Taylor Swift, Sophia Bush and Jessica Biel have all recently been spotted sporting this look. Blunt-cut bangs look great with almost any hairstyle, although if you aren’t a fan of hair hanging in your eyes, this may not be the look to go for. We have to admit, we have an irresistible urge to wipe the hair out of Sophia Bush’s eyes!

Another popular type of celebrity bangs are those that are graduated, meaning the tips have a jagged appearance. Beyoncé is one celebrity who wears the graduated look to perfection. With bangs cut diagonally to frame her face, she looks youthful and vibrant.

While lots of celebrities have rocked bangs, others have failed miserably. Take, for example, Britney Spears. She recently stepped out with bangs that looked like her two young sons had cut them. She may have been going for a graduated look, but she must have confused jagged with uneven. Needless to say, the choppy style was less than flattering.

Sadly, funny-girl Amy Poehler has also fallen victim to bad bangs. Her hairstyle at the recent Writer’s Guild Awards was less than appealing. Poehler opted to wear her hair down, which was fine, but her bangs looked oddly plastered to her forehead. Soft, wispy bangs would have been preferable to the tentacle-like strands she ended up with!

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