Everyone wants remi hair and no one is quite sure why. Because its better? Basically. Do you really know the difference between remi and standard hair extensions though? The simple answer is that remi hair is of a slightly higher quality and is all facing the same direction as it does when it grows out of your head (roots on one end, tips on another). Non-remi hair, on the other hand, has hair from different sources and since the cuticles are facing different directions, they tend to snag on one another and cause tangling. The next big distinction in hair extensions is the difference between single drawn and double drawn. Single drawn hair will have different length hairs in each weft, whereas double drawn hair will all be the same length. The double drawn hair is generally considered to be of the highest quality. At ProExtensions.com, we exclusively use the double drawn hair in both our remi and standard sets. To get more information, you can visit the Remi Vs. Standard page on our website.