Everyone has a hair horror story. Unfortunately, the staff at Pro Extensions is not immune to salon trips gone wrong. Recently, Antoinette, a customer service supervisor, decided she needed a hairstyle change.

“I really wanted something different, but not too wild,” Antoinette said. “I have always wanted to do something drastic, but something that would still fit me. I have such dark features, dying my entire head did not seem like a very good option.”

Antoinette decided to go for the increasingly popular Ombre look. She opted to go to a salon that was operated by students- with instructors present to supervise- to cut down on the costs.

After spending close to five hours at the salon, Antoinette was less than pleased with the results. Not only was the bottom color harsh and brassy, it wasn’t blended with the rest of her hair. Instead, it looked like she only dyed half of her head.

Upset, she decided to leave.

“I had been there all day,” she said. “I just didn’t have the patience to sit there any longer. So instead of complaining right away; I went home. I tried to convince myself it wasn’t that bad, but everyone around me was making that very hard to do.”

Antoinette’s Before Picture

Antoinette scheduled an appointment with a different hair stylist at a different salon to fix the problem. Prior to her appointment, she sent photos of what her hair looked like, so the stylist could get an idea of what needed to be done to solve the problem.

“She used a toner and a teasing method to do the Ombre, which mixed the brown and blonde much better than the foil method used the first time,” Antoinette said.

However, in order to blend the colors proficiently, the second stylist had to cut almost three inches off Antoinette’s hair. Despite the shorter style, she was happy with the final results.

Antoinette’s After Picture

“I feel Ombre looks the best when curled,” said Antoinette. “But since it was properly done, I can still straighten my hair, which I could not do before when the color was so orange and not blended.”

For women considering trying Ombre hair, Antoinette recommends getting a hair color that is slightly lighter than your natural color, but blends well with the root color so it looks natural.