From bold accessories to undone up do’s, there is loads of fun to be had with 2013 hairstyle trends. Find the style that calls to you!

From beachy waves to rocker girl crops to indie fringe bangs, the hair trends of 2012 offered enough diversity to fill an entire decade. 2012 has come to a close, but there’s no need for you to feel fun-hair withdrawals. 2013 hair trends offer plenty of ways to get creative with your tresses, from twisted up-do’s to bold accessorizing. We’ve scoured the hottest new looks to hit the runways this season and put together a few trends that are likely to be big hits in the coming year.

Brave Accessories

The accessorizing trend for the new year demands attention. From bold, vivid colors and interesting patterns to gigantic flowers and even faux jewels, this trend is not for style wallflowers. Be ready to get attention.

Long or short, the trend is easy to achieve. Simply adorn your favorite style with a bold accessory. Some of the best hair décor for 2013 includes neon embellishments, Greek goddess branches in bold metallics, and pearls that are woven into styles and then draped at the neck. If you want to ease in to the accessory trend, try out a fun printed head scarf and then work your way into bolder embellishments.

Photo credit: Imaxtree

Busted Braids

The 2013 braid is all about texture, design and color. The seasons top braids are chic fishtails, sideways French braids with half of the hair flowing free and twists and up do’s that show off the braid’s texture and the hair’s tonal colors.

Photo credit: Imaxtree

These new braids will work well with a variety of hair lengths, so you don’t have to have ultra-long hair to pull them off. Hair extensions make it possible for those with short hair to pull off the longer braided styles.

Textured Ombre

Ombre hair could easily become a 2013 icon style. Modulated colors and textures with rich, vibrant tones create a confident, bold look. Expect to see a rainbow of colors among the more cutting-edge styles. For the traditionalists who still want to capitalize on this trend, look for deep roots gradually lightening into creamy blonde locks at the ends. Ombre colors can be classy or cutting-edge, professional or short and edgy. Usually, that will mean black or rich brown complemented with a shot of intense color.

Knotted Edge

One of the styles on the horizon for 2013 is the knot. A sleek, smooth update on the classic bun, the knot requires a lot more edge than simply twisting your hair back. The foundation for this style is a super sleek pony with hair smoothed down and slicked back. Creativity is key, from half-knots with stick-out ends to tousled, bed-head knots.