Demi Lovato's wild hair colors, via InStyle

InStyle says that wild hair colors like Demi Lovato’s brunette-to-auburn-to-purple-to-silver hyper-ombre are “a trend to try,” but let’s be real, she’s a starlet who spends most nights on a stage. How do normal folks with day jobs try out these new hair color trends? It might be easier than you think!

Complementary coloring

Pick a color that complements your complexion and the shades of make-up you like to wear. Notice how Demi sticks with darker, richer hues to complement her more olive skin tone. Try to imagine what a Hayley Williams' shade of bright orange would do to Demi. Or don’t, and save yourself the mental anguish. Better yet, look how downright ghoulish Hayley looks rocking bright yellow and green against her pale complexion. To keep it short: If you wouldn’t wear a color on your body, don’t wear it on your head. You want to look as “natural” as you can while rocking unnatural color. If that makes sense!

Emulate natural hair highlights

Your natural hair comes with a subtle set of darker and lighter hues, and so should your colored hair! We’re not talking mixing pink and blue, more like, if you’re going blue, mix darker blues with slightly lighter blues, which will emulate how hair typically looks. Once again, you’re trying to look as “natural” as possible while rocking an unnatural color. It’s not tough, either. Leave the colors separate in your hand, then comb them through your hair and let them comingle. Easy peasy.

Mad Men's January Jones shows off her pink peekaboo panel

Be Sneaky

If we’re talking 9-to-5 office setting, you may have less leeway than most, but that shouldn’t necessarily stop you! It's good to run it by HR first, but try to work with more subtle colorings closer to natural colors. Brightness probably isn't ideal here. But!  Peekaboo panels have become quite popular recently, thanks in part to Mad Men’s January Jones. Simply put, they’re splashes of unconventional color applied in places that are easy to comb over. Let a few wild streaks show, or cover them all up as your situation demands. Very flexible. Very sneaky.

Try Temporary

It works with tattoos, right? If you’re not quite ready to make the leap, there are a number of options for temporary flashes of color. Maybe you want to sample a new hue, or just want to look wild over the weekend. There are tons of great options for daily colorbursts. For all over color, try out Hair Flairs Color Rub, or for no commitment, colorful highlights you can clip right in and out, try our Pro Extensions Highlight Streaks! f you've got a dress code and peekaboo panels just aren't for you, you definitely have options.

Express yourself!

You already understand the statement your hairstyle makes. It’s a little piece of your personality. “A person’s hair is the artwork they present to the heavens!” There are plenty of options, permanent and temporary, so if your personality is colorful, don’t be afraid to let it show, dress code or not!