Emma Watson rocks the single earring look

When’s the last time you wore just one earring? The 15-minute period between losing one and finding it, I bet. Single earrings have, oddly, long been a guy thing, or at least a Harrison Ford and Michael Jordan thing. But during last year’s Fashion Week, and then again on the Christian Dior Fall runway, we saw a slow trickle of models rocking the single earring look.

At first, many fashionistas didn’t know what to think. Harper’s digital editor Joyann King recalls the confused reactions at after-work drinks during her first time testing out in the look: "I think you've lost an earring," they all said. Thanks to the selfless work of (mostly) fearless, fashion-forward vanguards like Joyann, however, this trend got all the exposure it needed to catch fire this summer.

3 ways to rock the Single Earring look

Rock the dangle – People claim that beauty’s core is perfect symmetry (hence all the single earring pushback), but designers have made millions flying in the face of this for years. In fact, nothing makes a more powerful statement than purposeful asymmetry. So go big and get your dangle on. Start with something simple like a single feather earring, or ramp it up to fully-fledged mobile this model is rocking. Of course, you can always pull it back and take the Emma Watson route pictured above. She uses a single, dainty chain earring to soften her black leather biker jacket.

Punk Rock – So that first example might’ve made it feel a little extreme, but the single earring look can actually be the perfect way to tone down a piece of jewelry that might be a little overpowering if you wore it on both ears. Take these crosses from Jo No Fui or these twisted spikes from the Cushnie et Ochs runway. Or, you know, maybe you want to make it look like a snake is trying to eat your ear.

Soft Rock – Don’t worry, the single stud still applies. While the single earring looks totally frees you to rock big, showy, dangly pieces, it works just as well with the more reserved pieces of your collection too. Asymmetrical hair is definitely a strong complement. I hate to go back to Emma (not really), but her single stud at the Golden Globes is a great illustration.

So you see, it’s okay to be unbalanced every now and then. Open up a new world of hairstyles and fresh looks, and hey, you’ll never have to fret over losing an earring again.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images