Call it what you want. A bump, a poof or a pump. Jersey Shore’s Snoki made the volumized look fashionable with her signature half-up, half-down hairstyle complete with a large “poof” at the crown.

In fact, a New York Daily News article reported that Snoki told In Touch magazine she had been wearing the hairstyle since she was 16 years-old.

“Now I see mad girls with poofs,” Snoki said.

Those who want to achieve a look similar to Snoki’s can do so with Pro Extensions latest product, the Pro Pump. Easily blended with your own natural hair, Pro Pump is an easy to place, 100% human hair piece. Consisting of a mesh cap surrounded by flexible wires, Pro Pump has four metal clips that won’t slip or slide once they are inserted.

Once you have mastered the art of “pumping up” your hair, there are several hairstyles you can experiment with. One favorite among fashion models is the poofed faux hawk. Others wear the poof with a ponytail or bangs. Some people prefer a tighter poof while others want a looser one with more flexibility.

According to an ehow style article on bumped hairstyles, there are three basic styles that can be achieved with this volumized look.

The first look is best suited for casual, everyday wear. This look can be achieved using a Pro Pump and wearing your hair down. This style gives hair volume and adds a sassier, yet subtle appearance.

The second suggested pumped look is a ponytail. A pumped ponytail can be great for a party and keep your hair out of your face at the same. A headband and bangs with a pumped ponytail can also create a more fashionable, chic appearance.

The third suggested style is designed to look elegant and classy by creating a smaller, lower placed, more tightly coiled bump. This look may be best suited for a prom, formal dinner or wedding.