Ordering Pro Extensions is always fun. But it’s even better when you get a great deal! The Daily Dealio feature on our website is an exciting opportunity for customers to vote on what daily special they would like to see offered on our site the following business day.

With 10 different options to vote for, there is bound to be a discount for everyone. To ensure the deal you voted for gets activated the next day, be sure to hit the “share” button when you are done voting. Clicking on the share button will enable your facebook and Twitter followers to see what you voted for, and encourage them to do the same.

The Daily Dealio voting tool has been in place since May 2013. Since its inception, the “Double Up” dealio has been featured most frequently, winning 28 percent of the overall votes.  Double Up allows customers to buy one set of extensions and get the second set of equal or lesser value for half price! That’s a pretty sweet deal!

Tons of Pro Extensions customers have enjoyed voting for the Daily Dealio.

“I've used the daily deals, as well as received a coupon code for my before and after photos,” said Manda Rios, a returning customer. “I have three or four sets from Pro Extensions, all still in great quality. I have worn the same Pro Lace set for over a year and love the fast, fun results! Pro Extensions has fast shipping, great prices and even better prices if you get a deal! Order, order, order!”

For other customers, using the Daily Dealio allows them to upgrade to a higher-quality  set they otherwise couldn’t afford.

“I used the 25 percent off Remy daily dealio,” said Tabatha Howard. “I used it because I always used to buy the 14 inch standard sets. I always wanted to try Remy, but they were always out of my price range. I saw the 25 percent off Remy code and thought I'd try it! I ordered and love them! I've been ordering from Pro Extensions for two years now, and am 100 percent satisfied, would highly recommend and I will buy again!”

For those not familiar with the Daily Dealio, here’s a breakout of what specials you can vote for:

  1. Can you spare a Buck? Buy any sample piece for $1.
  2. She Bangs. She Bangs. Rock a set of clip-in bangs with a $5 discount.
  3. Add a Splash of Color. Buy two highlight streak packs and get the third one (of equal or lesser value) free.
  4. Get loopy. Spend $25 and get a free hair extensions loop brush. This brush is especially designed to prevent tangling when brushing your hair and extensions together.
  5. Double Up. Buy two sets and get the second set of equal or lesser value for half price.
  6. Only the Best.$25 off any Remy product (includes cute, 20" remy, 24" remy)
  7. Lace'em Up.$25 off Pro Lace 160g sets.
  8. Go Long. Get 20 percent off any set of 24" long hair extensions.
  9. Get Shorty. 20% off our 10" set of hair extensions.
  10. The Ole' Standby. Take 10 percent off any of our 20" standard hair extension sets.

The pie chart below represents the most popular Daily Dealios. After “Double-Up,” “Save10” and “Besties” were selected most frequently, thus becoming the daily special 23 percent of the time!

Here is a breakout based on the percentages that each deal was featured

  1. Double Up- 28%
  2. Besties/Save 10- 23%
  3. Go Long/Buck- 8%
  4. LaceUp- 4%
  5. SheBang/Shorty- 2%
  6. SplashMe/Loopy- 1%

What’s your favorite Daily Dealio? Vote now and be sure to share so you can spread the word to friends and family!