This summer, floral print is hot. But just because you have flower power doesn’t mean you have to look like the upholstery on grandma’s couch. Follow the simple tips below and you’ll look fabulous in floral in no time!

  1. Bigger is Better: Big, bold flower prints are very fashionable. If you are afraid to be too daring, try to offset an incredibly busy print with solid colored accent pieces. For instance, if your skirt is full of flowers, wear a solid-color skirt and shoes.
  2. Pair Floral With Stripes: Yeah, we know. Who would wear a floral print with stripes aside from a clown at the circus? But seriously, it has the potential to look phenomenal! To start, your stripes should be the color that stands out the most in your floral pattern. Then, the subdued colors in the floral will balance everything out and you have a uniquely amazing look!
  3. Try Floral Print Jeans- It may seem like a blast from the 1980s, but flowered denim is making a comeback. Whether it’s white flowers on light denim, or colored flowers on dark denim, these floral-inspired jeans are often made in the “skinny jean” style, so you look on trend.
  4. Wear Heels with a Floral Pattern-If you aren’t brave enough to try any of the fashions listed above, start small. Look for a great pair of heels with an excellent floral vibe. Busy shoes can really be accentuated when paired with simple clothing and accessories!


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