From cute and simple to intricate and classy, bows are making a comeback. Versatile and stylish, bows can be worn in a number of different ways. With so many options to choose from, there’s bound to be a bow to match almost any outfit or occasion.

Probably three of the simplest ways to wear a bow are in a half-up hairstyle with soft curls.

For example, you can pull your hair back into the classic half-ponytail and use a bow as an accessory piece.

However, if you want a slightly more detailed style, you can twist back two sections of hair and then clip them together at the back of your head with a bow. We especially like the lacy detail of this multi-dimensional bow.

A third option is to braid two sections of hair, combining the two braids into one at the back. A bow can be clipped where the two sections meet.

If a ponytail is more your style, a high ponytail with bouncy curls can easily be accentuated with a ribbon bow.

And if a retro-vibe is more to your liking, you can tease the top section of your hair into a mini bouffant. A headband with a small bow locks the look in place.

For a night out, a classy, side-swept up do’ with a coordinating bow is sure to compliment any outfit.

And if you are feeling really sassy, you can actually turn your natural hair into a bow in just a few easy steps!

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