If your hair is naturally curly, wavy, frizzy or over-processed, a Brazilian Blowout might be the solution to smoother, more manageable hair. A Brazilian Blowout is an in-salon process that uses a keratin treatment to make hair smoother, bouncier and easier to manage. The keratin coats the strands of your hair, filling in the gaps caused by prolonged damage from heat, chemicals, etc. While a Brazilian Blowout won’t make your hair completely straight, it will help reduce styling time, giving you the “wash and wear” hair you’ve always dreamed of.

A Brazilian Blowout can cost upwards of $200, but the results can last for 10-12 weeks. Well-known celebrities like Nicole Ritchie, Lindsay Lohan and Halle Berry are known to get these treatments.

The process involved with a Brazilian Blowout is relatively simple. First, the stylist will wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo. Next, the solution is put on and the hair is flat-ironed to seal in the treatment. Then, the excess solution is washed out and a conditioning mask is applied. Finally, the hair is blown dry. Most treatments take 1.5-2 hours to complete.

The results can vary depending on a person’s hair type, but ultimately the result is softer, less frizzy hair. For instance, those with curly hair won’t have instantly straight hair, but curls that are more manageable and, if desired, can be easily straightened with just a quick wash, a brush and a blow dryer.

Even if your hair is color-treated, or you have used previous relaxers, you can still get a Brazilian Blowout.


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