According to one of the largest hair science groups in the UK, certain hair extensions should be banned! The Trichological Society claims that many salons now provide hair extensions at a cheap price, but offer inferior quality extensions put in place by underqualified hairdressers. This has resulted in numerous cases of hair and scalp damage and even hair loss. Legal action has been taken in many cases already, leading the Trichological Society to suggest that glued-in, sewn-in, or metal ring hair extensions should be banned. While they recognize that with proper use these methods are not nearly as damaging, they still feel that their use should be terminated.

Don’t fret ladies, this in no way reflects upon clip-in hair extensions. Quality clip-in human hair extensions do not damage your hair or scalp like other methods. In fact, has served many womens’ needs to fix bad haircuts, glue jobs & dye jobs over the years. Clip-in extensions are the easy & healthy way to make yourself beautiful. So ban away UK! Keep using clip-in hair extensions!