Now that fall is officially under way, the weather isn’t the only thing that’s changing. Many women are saying good-bye to their summer looks and embracing new styles in keeping with the current season. The best part about many of the popular looks this fall is that they tend to be low-maintenance and can help keep your hair healthy. A good hair stylist should be able to help you capture any of the looks discussed below.

Jewel Tones. Bleached locks are a remnant of summer and darker, richer jewel tones are on their way in. Try dying your hair a deep purple or blue, or if you want to go with a more natural color, try for a deep auburn. You can also try dying a few streaks of your hair for an edgier, punk look. The great thing about the deep color saturation of jewel tones is that it’s much less damaging than bleaching your hair, so you can change up your style without having to sacrifice hair health.

Pixie Cut. This is a look that has been all over the celebrity world for the past year—Carrey Mulligan, Miley Cyrus, Anne Hathaway and Beyonce have all been rocking these shorter cuts. With a ringing endorsement from a slew of high-profile celebrities, it’s safe to say that pixie cuts are going to be a popular look this fall. It’s a versatile style, so you can play around with the length, shape, and bangs to find what suits you best. Many women also like that they don’t have to blow dry their pixie cut—it’s a great look for any woman who’s in constant motion.

Mid-Length. For those women who don’t want to completely give up their long locks, mid-length cuts that end around the clavicle are another popular choice this season. To make the look more interesting, add some very loose curls—think large waves as opposed to tight pin curls. This gives your hair some shape and keeps it from looking too heavy around your face.

Low ponies. The higher, “cheerleader-style” ponytail is being replaced by lower ponytails that rest against the neck for a more grown-up look. Think classic equestrian. This look still offers plenty of versatility—you can wear your hair straight back, turn it into a side ponytail, or add a little bit of a wave below the hair band.

Bangs and Faux Bangs. Bangs have been in style for quite some time now, and based on runway appearances at many autumn/winter fashion shows, it seems they’re going to continue being a presence. Try blunt, straight bangs if you want to make a statement, or make them more rounded to soften the look. And there’s good news for women who don’t want to cut their hair and have to deal with the hassle of growing their bangs out later—you can create the appearance of bangs by parting your hair on the side of your head and letting the longer portion of hair sweep diagonally over your forehead. This will give you the same side-swept look that Emma Stone has adopted recently.

Vintage up-do. If you’re someone who considers fall the perfect time to curl up under a blanket and watch classic Hollywood movies, you’ll be pleased to hear that vintage up-dos are popular this season. Channel the leading ladies of Hitchcock’s film with a loose but controlled bun or twist. Add some dramatic eyeliner and red lipstick to dress the look up for a night out.

Messy with accessories. You may be able to pull off the just-rolled-out-of-bed look if you pair a messy style with an elegant ornament, like a jeweled barrette. The juxtaposition of seemingly unkempt with an intricate accessory adds interest to any hairstyle. As a word of warning, though, you shouldn’t actually be striving to have tangled or frizzy hair. You can try creating voluminous curls to get that barely tamed look without actually being messy.

Swept back. This trend is classic meets sci-fi style, and it’s another style that’s becoming popular in the celebrity world—Jennifer Lawrence and Kim Kardashian have both been photographed wearing their hair in this elegant way. To get the look, your hair should be slicked back on your head so that there’s no part and worn straight at the back. The advantage of this look is that it lets you show off your long hair while also keeping your hair out of your face and emphasizing your features.



These hair trends brought to you by Juliana Weiss-Roessler of Philip James Salon. Follow her on TwitterGoogle+, and Facebook