Once thought of as a site for purely humorous videos, like the little girl crying over Justin Beiber, You Tube is rapidly becoming a source for information on tutorial-style videos.

For instance, many fashion gurus have online video blogs demonstrating how to use items such as clip-in hair extensions, how to apply makeup or how to curl your hair.

Take, for example, a video done by You Tube reviewer MakeupbyMel. In her clip in hair extensions video, she constantly touches her long locks, all the while giving advice on how to use the human hair extensions she received from http://www.proextensions.com. Mel’s hair extension video can be seen at http://prox.ebrybelly.com/hair-video-gallery.

In fact, some of the most popular hair tutorials feature girls demonstrating how to put in clip in hair extensions, what size weft pieces come in a hair extension set, and how to care for 100% human hair extensions.

Oftentimes, a tutorial-style video gains popularity when viewers post links to video on their facebook, Twitter or MySpace pages.

According to an associated content article from Yahoo, the best way to ensure a You Tube channel’s success is to be sure the page has a theme, such as hair styles, makeup or fashion. Making sure the content on the channel is organized is also a way to achieve success.

A College Central article states that people are most likely to view a tutorial video if the content is unusual, controversial, humorous, timely or outrageous.