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What Are Remy Hair Extensions?

Remy Hair Extensions is probably the most misunderstood and overused phrase in the hair industry.

Some common MYTHS about Remy human hair are:

  • Remy hair is only Indian hair.
  • Remy hair is an ultra rare blend of fine/thin hair.
  • Remy hair costs thousands of dollars.
  • Remy hair is only available from fine salons.

What is Remy Human Hair?

Long ago, the definition of Remy hair was used to describe human hair that was the highest grade of virgin hair with an intact cuticle. Remy hair was also required to be mono-directional. Maintaining hair direction is very difficult, since a majority of the raw material (recently cut human hair) is gathered at temples and not from a controlled environment like a lab or hair salon.

Therefore, the original distinction of Remy hair was established to represent hair extensions that were:

  • Controlled to ensure against different lengths.
  • Strong and healthy virgin hair that is free of chemical processing.
  • Carefully collected hair to ensure all strands maintain Mono-directional form.
  • An intact cuticle to protect the hair shaft.

Over time some consumers actually began to prefer non-cuticle hair extensions. So the term Remy or Remi Hair Extensions (as used in European countries) lost some of its meaning, since cuticle hair was not necessarily a requirement of fine, much desired hair extensions.

Also, many women in Europe and in the United States began to purchase hair extensions that required hair colors of lighter brown and blond. Unfortunately, most of the world marketplaces of human hair do not include these shades.

To achieve the necessary colors that many women wanted to purchase, the raw material had to be dyed. Because of the introduction of more blondes and brunettes to the market, the virgin designation was altered to mean that the raw material must begin as virgin human hair before it is dyed by the manufacturer.

Pro Extension's definition of Remy hair:

In our opinion, Remy human hair consists of hair extensions made from virgin human hair of the highest quality grade. There may be some chemical treatments involved after the raw material is acquired (hair dye or cuticle removal). Also, all hair strands must follow the same direction and be of the same length to ensure a high quality set free of tangling.

Remy Human Hair Extensions

The Remy Saga

As the original definition of Remy began to fade, many sellers began using the term generically. Sadly we have found many sellers calling low grade human hair, that has had numerous chemical treatments, Remy hair. Most of the Remy hair we have found has actually been of a lesser quality than our own standard set of hair extensions.

Which Remy Set is Best For You?

Pro Extension's Remy hair represents the pinnacle of quality and professional workmanship.

We offer both non-cuticle Remy hair extensions (Pro Premier) and intact-cuticle Remy hair extensions (Pro Cute). Both Remy hair extensions are of the same quality grade, but our pro premier has had its cuticle removed while Pro Cute maintains the original intact cuticle.

Pro Premier Remy Hair Extensions

Pro Premier human hair extensions do not have a cuticle attached. These hair extensions are shiny, extremely smooth and luxurious to the touch.

Pro Premier is easy to care for since it has had the cuticle removed. The set is also tangle free. Pro Premier Remy hair extensions offer, what we believe to be, the highest grade of human hair available at the world’s best prices.

Pro Cute Remy Hair Extensions

Pro Cute Remy hair extensions still have their cuticle intact. An intact cuticle will have an appearance that is less shiny, but many consider to look more natural. Cuticle hair extensions have a more realistic texture than standard sets. However, it is still quite luxurious to touch, but in such a way that it will seamlessly blend with your own hair style. Cuticle hair blends beautifully with your natural hair.

The cuticle will protect the hair shaft from UV light, heat, chemical hair products, dry conditions and other damaging environments. An intact cuticle will prevent the strands of hair from breaking and splitting, thereby thinning your set. If your hair or hair extensions are experiencing these sorts of stressful conditions then we suggest you try Pro Cute!

Cuticle hair is more durable and will last longer than other types of hair. Remy cuticle hair will also hold styling from heat and chemical products better, as the cuticle will hold shape better than other hair extensions. Remy Cuticle hair is not as soft as Pro Premier.