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Dare To Compare: 5 Differences Between Synthetic and Human Hair Extensions

Syntehtic vs Human Hair Extensions

Dare To Compare: 5 Differences Between Synthetic and Human Hair Extensions

We know there's a difference between real and fake hair extensions, but does it really matter? We've broken down the differences into 5 categories and we're letting you be the judge.

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Trending: You can rock the Single Earring Look

Emma Watson rocks the single earring look

When’s the last time you wore just one earring? The 15-minute period between losing one and finding it, I bet. Single earrings have, oddly, long been a guy thing, or at least a Harrison Ford and Michael Jordan thing. But during last year’s Fashion Week, and then again on the Christian Dior Fall runway, we saw a slow trickle of models rocking the single earring look.

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Ombre Nails

Ombre is super-popular right now. Whether it’s hair, nails or makeup, this is one trend that isn’t slowing down. And if you love nail fashion, there’s no better time than now to try ombre nails! And while you could also pay big bucks to have it done at a professional salon, it’s actually surprisingly simple to do at home.

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Customized Hair Dye Delivered To Your Door

You want to dye your hair, but you don’t want to pay for an expensive trip to the salon. It seems the only other alternative would be to purchase hair dye from the drugstore. However, you are hesitant to do so because you have no clue what color to pick, or what would work with your natural hair type.Read More

Five Fun Hair Colors for Winter Months

    Winter can be a dreary time of year, especially if you’re at your wits end scraping ice off your car and shoveling snow from the driveway. The sky is often gray and bleak, but that doesn’t mean that you have to fall into a hair pattern of dull and boring. If your locks could use some revitalizing, take a peek at these five brilliant colors for inspiration!

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Braided Tiara Hair Extensions Now Available

If this sounds like an item you want to own, be sure to watch our contest page in March for your chance to win one!

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At-home gel manicures are long-lasting, less expensive than salon

Getting a manicure at a salon may be a pampering experience, but it can come with a hefty price tag, particularly if you get acrylic nails on a regular basis, need a fill in between sessions, etc. However, if you don’t have the cash to shell out for such luxuries, an at-home gel manicure might be the solution.

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Hot Buns!

Buns have always been a classic hairstyle. But that doesn’t mean that they have to be boring! Rather than just toss your hair up into the traditional messy bun, what not try alternative styles?

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Women’s Hair Trends for Fall 2013

Now that fall is officially under way, the weather isn’t the only thing that’s changing. Many women are saying good-bye to their summer looks and embracing new styles in keeping with the current season. The best part about many of the popular looks this fall is that they tend to be low-maintenance and can help keep your hair healthy. A good hair stylist should be able to help you capture any of the looks discussed below.

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Large Hair Accessories Gaining Popularity

The fall fashion runways are abuzz with large and in charge hair accessories. While some pieces right off the runway may not be practical for everyday wear, others can be modified into a more manageable look.

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Granny Panties

Forget the thongs and bikinis, granny panties are back in style! The over-sized panty population may be increasing due to the number of celebrities spotted wearing this seemingly outdated garment.

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Decorative Hair Accessories Add a Little Something Extra

We’ve all been stuck in a hair styling rut. We tend to wear our hair the same way day in and day out. Whether it’s thrown up into a quick ponytail, or just left to hang, having the same do’ all the time can get boring.

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Curls are Cool- Two Simple Hairstyles for Twisted Tresses!

Girls with curls have a love/hate relationship with their hair. Yes, it looks pretty, but it’s also prone to frizz, flyway’s and unmanageability. And sometimes, it’s hard to find a hairstyle that works well with super-textured tresses.

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Hair Emergency Essentials

Your workplace has a first-aid kit. Your house has a fire extinguisher. You keep a nail kit in your purse. Whether it’s a cut, a fire or a broken nail, it’s no secret that people like to be prepared to face any unexpected situation. But what about your hair? Do you keep an emergency hair kit in your purse or car?

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Brazilian Blowout

If your hair is naturally curly, wavy, frizzy or over-processed, a Brazilian Blowout might be the solution to smoother, more manageable hair. A Brazilian Blowout is an in-salon process that uses a keratin treatment to make hair smoother, bouncier and easier to manage. The keratin coats the strands of your hair, filling in the gaps caused by prolonged damage from heat, chemicals, etc.

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What’s Hot Right Now - Braids!

There's no denying it. Braids are in style. Whether it's a classic single braid, French braid, fishtail braid or snake braid, there are endless style possibilities as far as braids are concerned.

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Low Ponytails are easy, in style

If you think having runway-inspired hair means having a professional stylist at your beck and call, you may be pleasantly surprised.

According to Harper’s Bazaar, one of this season’s most popular hairstyles is the low ponytail. With hair gathered at the bottom of the neck, such ponytails can be face-framing, or swept behind the ears.

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Bob Hairstyle is Historic and Fashionable

For many women, a bobbed hairstyle symbolizes power, authority and assertiveness. Take Cleopatra, ruler of Ancient Egypt, for example. She is often depicted wearing this chic hairstyle.

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Tips for Successful Ombre Hair

Successful Ombre

Everyone has a hair horror story. Unfortunately, the staff at Pro Extensions is not immune to salon trips gone wrong. Recently, Antoinette, a customer service supervisor, decided she needed a hairstyle change.

“I really wanted something different, but not too wild,” Antoinette said. “I have always wanted to do something drastic, but something that would still fit me. I have such dark features, dying my entire head did not seem like a very good option.”

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Socks Buns Made Easy – For Long or Short Hair

A fun, casual twist on a classic up do’, the sock bun is easy to achieve and completely on trend. Follow these tips to create your own variation.

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What’s Hot- Bows

From cute and simple to intricate and classy, bows are making a comeback. Versatile and stylish, bows can be worn in a number of different ways. With so many options to choose from, there’s bound to be a bow to match almost any outfit or occasion.

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Dry shampoos save time, hair health

The alarm didn’t go off and you overslept. Now you are trying to get ready as quickly as possible. You grab the first pair of clean clothes you find and take a quick peek in the mirror. Ugh-oh. Your hair isn’t looking so hot. But you don’t have time to shower and hats and bandanas aren’t your best look. What’s a girl to do?

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Colorful hair increasing in popularity

It seems that fun-colored highlights, or oddly tinted hair, have become popular trends.

Take, for example, Kelly Osbourne’s gray/lavender hair. It’s been the topic of many red carpet reports, and thousands of people have wondered what possessed her to dye her hair such an unnatural, seemingly “old lady” color.

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Ombre Hair Trend- Love It or Leave It

What do celebrities like Jessica Biel, Ashlee Simpson and Drew Barrymore and have in common?

The answer- Ombre hair! For those who don’t have a clue what we are talking about, it means hair that has exaggerated, dark roots that gradually fade to lighter, more highlighted ends. According to About.com, Ombre is French for “shaded,” or “shading.”

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You Tube increasing in popularity for tutorial style videos

Once thought of as a site for purely humorous videos, like the little girl crying over Justin Beiber, You Tube is rapidly becoming a source for information on tutorial-style videos.

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Volumized Hair Increases In Popularity

Call it what you want. A bump, a poof or a pump. Jersey Shore’s Snoki made the volumized look fashionable with her signature half-up, half-down hairstyle complete with a large “poof” at the crown.

In fact, a New York Daily News article reported that Snoki told In Touch magazine she had been wearing the hairstyle since she was 16 years-old.

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